Panoramic view of the ROman Theatre in Cartagena Spain

Cartagena’s Roman Theatre

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Not just a Museum, but a time machine

Cartagena is located in the southeast of Spain, in the Region of Murcia. It has circa 220000 inhabitants and it is the 2nd greatest city of the Region and one of the most important Ports in the Mediterranean Sea.
When you arrive at Cartagena by seafront you find a city of contrasts: the natural harbour, an 18th century wall, a 20th century square with a National Monument, 2 marvellous art nouveau buildings (the Authority of the Port Headquarters and the Old Town Hall, and at last, opposite to it, the Palace of Riquelme, the entrance of the Roman Theatre Museum.
It is difficult to realise what this Museum can offer from the outside: an authentic Roman Theatre, belonging to the 1st century B.C. It was discovered by chance in 1988 when there were some works in that place and the Museum was inaugurated in 2008.
The theatre was built inside the city of Carthago Nova, on the north-western face of the highest of five hills: the Aesculapius Hill or, as we know it at present, Conception Hill.
Let us go into the Museum to discover it!

Panoramic viw of the Roman Thatre from the inside in Cartagena Spain

The Museum is divided into different rooms and corridors, based on two different buildings: the Palace of Riquelme (18th c) and the one built by the famous worldwide known Spanish arquitect Rafael Moneo.
At the Palace of Riquelme we will see a temporary exhibition room and an underground corridor with the History of the plot of theatre. The latter shows the visitant the History from present back to the Ist century B.C. There are different showcases with fantastic pottery of every period: Middle Ages, Muslim, Byzantine and Roman Age.
Continuing to Moneo’s Building, we will find delicate remains found during the excavations of the Theatre (pillars, altarpieces, exquisite columns, etc).
We continue our visit up to the archaeological corridor beneath the Old Christian Church of Saint Mary, built in the 13th century and partially destroyed during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), in order to arrive to the Roman theatre where you will be impressed for sure.
Lots of things are left to be said at this Museum and the Roman Theatre Site, so if you come to Cartagena, do not hesitate to contact us, we can explain all in detail for you. You will love it!

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