The Region of Murcia has a different experience for every day of the year. Those experiences are made specially for you to enjoy them. The following description will provide you some tips. Tradition becomes part of an authentic experience when the visitor feels like a local and gets to know how ancient trends were made. An example of this is a handcrafted pottery workshop, where you can learn all about this traditional job and make it yourself in our experience! Also imagine to ride a beautiful horse (all levels) through an idyllic location between sea and mountains, while time doesn`t pass by. Or visiting a cave shaped millions of years ago, with stunning figures of stalactites and stalagmites which continue their unhurried formation. Sighting of Cetaceans (little whales, turtles and dolphins) is another of our most demanded experiences. If it is summer you can even swim in isolated and unspoiled little beaches. As we are telling you, come and book an experience with us and you will repeat for sure! Don´t miss our section “Next Tours” or contact us to receive further information about our tailor-made Experiences for groups or individuals!!

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