Seasonal Tours Alicante


This is a brief presentation of some tours that we carry on just in certain times of the year. In springtime you can enjoy nature at its best when almond-trees and cherry-trees are blooming in the valleys. From February till April all the blossoms in a wide range of colours are bringing some life back to the fields. In June it’s time for a festive mood in the “Saint John’s bonfires festival” in Alicante City. Hundreds of figures made of paper-maché, truly works of art, can be seen on the streets but just for 3 days. Following the tradition all but one must be burnt on the 24 th of June at midnight. In August we have some tours in Elche for you to learn about the Oral and Intangible World Heritage known as “Mistery Play of Elche”, performed by amateur actors since the Middle Ages in the Basilica of Santa Maria. The Moors and Chirstians parades in Alcoy are taking place in April, with a display of medieval costumes that you have never seen before. We will let you discover them in one of our seasonal tours. The Holy Week processions in Orihuela or Alicante are worthy to pay them a visit, full of traditions, art and devotion. In Christmas time we have special tours to see the traditional Nativity Scenes scattered in the city, or to taste some of the Christmas pastries baked by the nuns in their convents following age-old recipes. These are just a few of a lot of seasonal tours we can offer, there are many more!. Don´t miss our section “Next Tours” or contact us to receive further information about our tailor-made Seasonal Tours for groups or individuals!!

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